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Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboard System

Interactive Whiteboards facilitate multi-sensory learning. International studies report increased student engagement, school attendance and higher test scores.

More than 70% of primary & secondary schools in the UK make use of Interactive Whiteboards. Interactive Whiteboards are suitable for learners of all ages and allow them to work collaboratively. They look and can work like conventional whiteboards, and thus retain the familiarity one has with traditional whiteboards.

An Interactive Whiteboard allows the integration of audio, video, graphics, text and animation with lessons. Anything drawn or
written on the Interactive Whiteboard can be saved, allowing teachers to share and reuse lessons.

Contents from websites, blogs, newsgroups, wiki’s and other web based resources can be
brought onto the Interactive Whiteboard, through the use of a LCD Projector, thus promoting
e-learning. Anything that can be done on a computer monitor can be replicated on the
Interactive Whiteboard.

All Parrot Product Interactive Whiteboards are backed by national, unparalled service and support.

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