Binder Comb Machine 150 Sht 20mm Ring

R1,071.30 ex. Vat | R1,231.99 incl.VAT

150 Sheet Maximum 20mm Ring Binding Machine

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JHB : 21
Durban : 8
Cape Town : 11
Bloemfontein: 11


<UL style="LIST-STYLE-POSITION: inside"> <LI>For office and home use.</FONT></LI> <LI>Punch up to 8 Sheets of paper.</FONT></LI> <LI>Bind up to 150 Sheets of paper.</FONT></LI> <LI>Punch 21 Holes for comb binding.</FONT></LI> <LI>Bind with combs 6 to 20mm. </FONT></LI></UL>


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