Cameras Aver Vc 520 Additional Speaker Phone

R9,346.95 ex. Vat | R10,748.99 incl.VAT

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<P>The VC520’s cutting-edge speakerphone combines a 10W speaker and 3 embedded directional microphones, resulting in top-quality audio performance. The speakerphone is also the first in the industry to provide a daisy-chain function, so every participant’s voice will be balanced, smooth and 10 people steady even in large conference rooms.<BR></FONT></P> <UL style="list-style-position: inside"> <LI>Ideal for larger conferencing rooms that require more speakerphones. </FONT></LI> <LI>Add on for the VC520.</FONT></LI> <LI>Unparalleled Daisy-chain Speakerphone</FONT></LI></UL> <P></FONT> </P>


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