Craft Knife Rotary Blades 28mm Perforate

R148.99 incl.VAT

Craft Knife Rotary Blades 28mm

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JHB : 380
Durban : Low stock (< 5)
Cape Town : 10
Bloemfontein: 5
Low stock in the closest center to you might result in delayed delivery.


  • Craft Knife Rotary Perforating
  • Blades Refill Pack
  • CK1112 – 28mm


Wow Rudi,

You guys sure are on the ball. Delivery took place this morning. You sure made the impossible, possible.

Thank you very much. Really appreciated.



I would like to express the high level of satisfaction that I have with doing business with the White Board Shop. The service was excellent!
Thank you

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