Flipchart Glass 900 X 1200mm

R9,706.95 ex. Vat | R11,162.99 incl.VAT

  • 900 x 1200mm Glass Board
  • Customisable Prints and
  • Colours Magnetic

Please note a design fee will apply if artwork is required.


<br/><STRONG>Please note:</STRONG> A design fee will apply if artwork is not supplied in vector format, for example: *.ai, *.pdf, *.eps or *.cdr</FONT></FONT></P> <br/>Send an email to </FONT>sales@parrot.co.za</FONT></A></P> <br/></FONT> </P> <UL style="LIST-STYLE-POSITION: inside"> <LI> <DIV align=left>900 x 1200mm Glass Board</FONT></DIV></LI> <LI> <DIV align=left>Customisable Prints and Colours</FONT></DIV></LI> <LI> <DIV align=left>Magnetic</FONT></DIV></LI> <LI> <DIV align=left>Stand not included (BD9144A) </FONT></DIV></LI></UL> <br/>To be used in conjunction with BD9144A</FONT></P> <P></FONT> </P>

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