Interactive Whiteboard Eboard Multi T 1680x 1314mm

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<P>Use the IW2100 in conjunction with a Short Throw Projector. It comes with built in buttons on both sides for quick access to basic functions.<BR>Touch events are sensed through cameras on the board.</FONT></P> <P> </P> <UL style="LIST-STYLE-POSITION: inside"> <LI>14 Buttons on both sides.</FONT></LI> <LI>Multi-touch – Owing to the multi-touch capabilities of the Parrot eBoard Multi-Touch, 2 users are able to operate simultaneously, using either their fingers or Stylus E-pens to write, perform mouse functions, erase and manipulate objects.</FONT></LI> <LI>Supports Parrot Product Whiteboard Markers in the event of power failures.</FONT></LI> <LI>Whiteboard Markers can be erased with a damp cloth or Parrot cleaning fluid.</FONT></LI> <LI>Multi-gesture recognition makes for easier operation.</FONT></LI> <LI>Compatible with: Windows / Ubuntu/ Linux/ MacOS/ Debian/ Linkat</FONT></LI> <LI>No possibility of lighting interference.</FONT></LI> <LI>3 Year Warranty.</FONT></LI> <LI>Includes 8m USB Cable. (Power Supplied via USB Cable)</FONT></LI> <LI>Full HDMI quality.</FONT></LI> <LI>Aspect Ratio 4:3</FONT></LI> <LI>CPU: 2.1 Ghz or higher.</FONT></LI> <LI>HDD: 1 Gb free hard disk space for installation.</FONT></LI> <LI>RAM: 1Gb or higher.</FONT></LI> <LI>Output: HDMI/VGA/USB</FONT></LI></UL>

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Dimensions 1680 × 1314 cm


Thank you, that is awesome turnaround time.


Thank you, that is awesome turnaround time.

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