Cleaning Fluid Whiteboard 250 Ml Uncarded Box Of 6

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Cleaning Fluid Whiteboard 237ml Uncarded

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Durban : 182
Cape Town : 217
Bloemfontein: 74
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<UL style="list-style-position: inside"> <LI>Removes stains, marks & Permanent Marker ink from whiteboard surface</FONT></LI> <LI>Ideal as an office equipment cleaning solution</FONT></LI> <LI>Contains no water</FONT></LI> <LI>Special formula contains conditioner to help reduce staining on Whiteboards</SPAN></FONT></FONT></LI> <LI>Uncarded (six per box)</FONT></LI></UL>


I’m very pleased with the product as well as service from the whiteboard shop.

It is much appreciated and I will definitely make recommendations to others.


Thank you for your quick service.

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