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Ways to Use Interactive Whiteboards in a Classroom

Ways to Use Interactive Whiteboard in a Classroom

Interactive whiteboards (IWB), since their invention in 1991, are revolutionizing the way concepts are taught in classrooms and training rooms.

The interactive whiteboard comprises of a large touch-enabled board that is connected to a computer and projector. The images or text from the computer is displayed onto the whiteboard. The presenter can move the images around or draw circles, write texts on the images on the whiteboard. These changes can be saved and emailed as well.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

How IWBs enhance learning

Plenty of research has been done on the efficacy of interactive whiteboards on learning. Studies indicate that the use of interactive whiteboards enhances the motivation levels of students besides improving the efficiency of teaching. Classrooms that used IWBs experienced faster learning pace and lesser time required to complete group projects. Many schools in Australia, U.S. and other countries extensively use IWBs in elementary education settings. In Turkey, IWBs are used in high school levels as well.

  • IWBs are effective in improving academic performance and student achievement according to studies. Using visual aids such as IWBs enhance learning by 200%, according to a study conducted at the University of Wisconsin.
  • Students benefit from a higher degree of engagement and active participation in the class rooms with the IWBs.
  • Researchers have proven that the ability to move, zoom in and manipulate images and text improves learning.
  • IWBs help students retain what is learnt for a long time besides improving recall. Studies done at Columbia University showed that visual aids can improve retention by 38%.
  • Difficult concepts and mathematical problems are easier to understand and solve using IWBs. The time taken to explain these concepts is reduced by almost 40% according to a study.

Ways to use IWBs in classroom setting

Here are some interesting ways to use IWBs in classrooms to add to the wholesome learning experience:

Geography lessons with Google Earth

Learning geography can be fun and exciting with a combination of Google Earth and IWB! Install Google Earth to virtually transport students to the location being studied. Rivers, mountains, terrains, locations, monuments can all be brought to 3D life with the IWBs.

Virtual field trips

Walkthroughs and virtual field trips are increasingly becoming popular with many heritage sites and tourist places. These field trips can be an extremely engaging way to learn more about the heritage, culture, cuisines, places of historical relevance, and so on. The virtual tours can also be used to give a brief introduction to a place before the actual visit to help students understand better.

Group project presentations

The class can be divided into different teams with each one requiring to present a multimedia project. The project will encourage group interaction and cooperation besides testing their multimedia and presentation skills.

Interactive Flipcharts

Many resources are available for IWBs, including interactive flipcharts, that can be used to teach a concept or take the students through the steps involved in a process. These flipcharts can have embedded videos or images that the students have recorded as part of their assignment.

For younger children, IWBs can be used to make learning great fun with interactive games, simple spelling contests and video clips.

The Disadvantages of Using Interactive Whiteboards and How to Overcome Them

The Disadvantages of Using Interactive Whiteboards and How to Overcome Them

Without a doubt, using interactive whiteboards offers a number of benefits, including a greater level of flexibility and more effective means of communication. However, interactive whiteboards are not without their set of drawbacks but fortunately this does not mean you won’t be able to use them effectively. Here’s a look at the potential drawbacks of using interactive whiteboards and how to overcome them:

High Cost

The biggest and the most obvious disadvantage of using an interactive whiteboard is cost. Compared to a traditional whiteboard, it can cost many times more, but when you get us to install, we can do so at an affordable rate. Add to that, there are added costs for installation and accessories which can increase the overall cost you have to bear, which again we ensure you don’t have to bear. More often than not, people who are required to use the system would have to be first trained on its use, which could also add up to the cost, but not when you work with us as we offer free training.

The regular maintenance and troubleshooting can, particularly for the more advanced types, be somewhat expensive. The solution to this issue is to buy interactive whiteboards in bulk which might get you a discount on the purchase and installation. Apart from that, understand the purpose for which you will be using the IWB and whether or not the local technical team in your organization or institution will be able to maintain and troubleshoot it themselves. Regarding the training hassle, you can train one person and then have him/her train the others.

Extensive Content Preparation Required

Apart from the time taken for training people on how to effectively use it, unlike the traditional marker boards, the content has to be created beforehand and the appropriate software has to be installed for the content to be displayed properly.

This can take up a substantial amount of time everyday from your schedule, which otherwise you could have spent dealing with important matters. To overcome this issue, prepare the whole content for the school year in advance or in case of businesses, hire people specifically dedicated to generating content as per your instructions. Do keep in mind this is a one-time cost and once you create the content, it can be used for the whole school year.

Bright Light Can Limit Usability

Depending on the size of the interactive whiteboard, any lights around the place where the interactive whiteboard is installed can interfere with the display. Fortunately, this is not a major problem at all as you can simply ensure the room is dark when you start using the IWB.

Impact on Eye Health

Continuously looking at the screen, particularly in dark areas, can strain the eyes and even effect eyesight. Avoid continuously staring for too long or too close. Look away from the screen once in a while for a few minutes and encourage the other people viewing the content on the screen to do so as well.

How Interactive Whiteboards Enhance Learning and Classroom Interaction

How Interactive Whiteboards Enhance Learning and Classroom Interaction

Interactive Whiteboard School

Across the globe and even here in South Africa, many educational institutions are replacing the traditional whiteboard with the new interactive whiteboards in the classroom to aid and encourage learning. Indeed,aninteractive whiteboard has plenty of benefits over its older counterparts and if used effectively, can play a significant part in enhancing a student’s learning experience and promoting classroom interaction.

More Flexibility

Interactive whiteboards are highly versatile and can be a powerful learning tool in any educational setting, whether it a primary school or a university. The teacher can use different forms of media, includingphotos, illustrations, videos, and even games,to aid students.This is only bound to enhance the learningexperience and make it more dynamic. At the same time, it provides space for teaching different types of contents.What’s more, the content on the screen can be saved and shared over a network with the students for them to use as future reference.


A teacher, using an interactive whiteboard,can use the various forms of media availableto betterdemonstrate the content and give a more visually accurate representation of illustrations,particularlyfor topics related to physics and math.Research has proven students respondbetter to displays where colors and visuals are used, and retain the information for a longer duration.

The system can cater to a wide range of learning styles, for instance visual learners can learnfrom what is displayed on the screen while aural learners can learn by listening and taking part in discussions. And with the touch capabilities interactive whiteboards offer, tactile learners will face no issue. The use of interactive whiteboards also encourages students to use technology and even improves their critical thinking process.


Effectivelyusing interactive whiteboardsboosts attentiveness in students, particularly younger ones, as they are less likely toget bored or distracted as there is plenty on the screen to keep them engaged. The use of interactive whiteboardspromotes group discussion in classrooms and this helps students gain more interest in the subjects being discussed. And as the images on the interactive whiteboard can be saved, shared and printed, students do not need take down any notes during the lectures.This gives them the space to ask more questions, thus facilitating discussion and interaction, increasing the overall participation in the classroom and gets the student more engaged and focused on what is being taught.


The use of interactive whiteboards allows for integrating of various technologies for a more enhanced learning experience.For instance, it can be plugged in to an electronic microscope or a flash drive and provide a more effective means of visuallearning. The device can also be connected to different locations, making it the perfect tool for collaborative and distance learning.

So, as you can see, there are numerous ways in which interactive whiteboards enhance learning and classroom interaction. Hence, it goes without saying any educational institution in South Africa which decides to invest in this technology will be able to provide better education to their students. For more details and info on interactive whiteboards, feel free to contact us. We will love to answer all your queries.

Benefits of Interactive Whiteboards for Businesses

Benefits of Interactive Whiteboards for Businesses

Whiteboards are increasing becoming redundant in this era of increased digitization and information technology. Interactive whiteboards are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason too. Installing Interactive whiteboards in your office gives you more than just some fancy hi-tech features to work with. It brings a significant number of major benefits for any business. Here’s a look at the most crucial benefits of interactive whiteboards for businesses:

Enhances Your Meetings

Instead of scribbling notes, writing down the changes that must be made based on the feedback given, and other boring stuff during the meetings, you can make changes to the files and graphs being displayed on the screen in real time. You can also share the files with your team and use the different tools available to edit the presentations.

Information can be presented and shared in a better way, thereby facilitating discussion among the participants. With IWBs, you can make changes to a document on the spot if required and use 3D models and other features of the interactive whiteboard to better enhance the meeting.

Improves Presentations and Communication

Instead of using a PowerPoint slide for conveying one’s view or information and the audience quickly trying to write down what they think was important, using an interactive whiteboard, the information can be presented more effectively using the various media tools at hand. Moreover, important points on the screen can be taken as screenshots and sent to others through email. As everyone will be dealing with precisely the same information, it ensures all collaborators will be on the same track.

As you can directly run the application on the screen and interact with it using your fingers to highlight the important features, interactive whiteboards make great tools for demonstrating new techniques, ideas, methods, and even applications. The best part is the participants don’t need to take down any notes. You can share the presentation with them later.


With interactive whiteboards, you are not limited by lack of resources as different tools and styles can be incorporated to improve communication and document workflow. As there are many types of IWBs available on the market, you can find one that is the right fit for your business. If you are an entrepreneur with a small office and a limited budget, you can find one than fits in the space available and is mobile and portable. In addition, having a top-quality interactive whiteboard in your boardroom is a sign of prestige and bodes well for the reputation of your business.

Greater Connectivity

You can connect the interactive whiteboard to a network or your mobile phone using a single app, meaning an even greater range and means of data sharing and interconnectivity. This makes it an ideal tool for collaborative and distance communication.

So, as you can see, there are numerous benefits for businesses which decide to invest in interactive whiteboards. If you want to enjoy these advantages too, act now and get the best IWBs you can find within your budget. They will definitely provide great value for money! So, why wait? Contact us now for a free demonstration and learn how interactive whiteboards can benefit your business.

Selecting the Right Interactive Whiteboard

Selecting the Right Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive Whiteboard

Switching to interactive whiteboards opens up many new possibilities on how you can present and convey information to an audience, be it your fellow office employees or your classroom students. But with so many types of interactive whiteboards available on the market, selecting the right one can prove tricky. Therefore, to make things easier for you, here’s a look at the factors you should keep in mind when selecting an interactive whiteboard:

The Board

The first choice is the way the interactive board works. Touch sensitive boards are more accurate with less interference and you can just use your finger, whereas infrared screens require the use of a special pen and can be inaccurate when there is a lot of light. So, it is up to you to decide which type of interactive whiteboard you want to purchase and the training it will be required for you to use the board properly. Don’t worry, as we provide free training after installing the interactive whiteboard you have selected.


Another thing to factor in is the space you can reserve for the interactive whiteboard. The reason is that there are numerous factors which affect the usability of the IWB, including the lighting, the actual size of the screen, dynamics of the whiteboard i.e. if it is fixed or portable, where you are using it i.e. in the classroom or in a boardroom, and the projection surface. This is why you need to select the right space for installation.


There are many interactive whiteboards on the market that come with their own special software, offering a wide range of functions and features but they can also cost more and many of the features might not turn out to be of any use in your work. When selecting your system, keep in mind the features you will need and your budget. Be sure to get to know about a board’s capability. Some suites only work with certain particular software while for others, the resources are virtually unlimited. The interactive whiteboards offered by Parrot are durable, versatile and easy to use, and we also offer professional installation and free training.


Interactive Whiteboard Accessories

What will you use the interactive whiteboard for? If it is purely for visual applications, you might not need to buy a microphone or speakers and but if audio is a required feature, the additional paraphernalia is necessary. Tablets and audience response systems can greatly help enhance the experience and their importance in the classroom is increasing. However, in business meetings, these things might be crucial. So, when it comes to accessories and additional equipment, only buy what you need.


Interactive whiteboards are available in both stationary as well as position adjustable forms and some models are portable, allowing you to move them from room to room with ease. Choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Installation and Maintenance

Think long-term when deciding on an interactive whiteboard to purchase. First off, the system should be easy to install as you can get it up and running in no time. Secondly, you need to enquire about the maintenance offered. Parrot offers free telephonic support and also you will get free training when we install your IWBs. This way, you can rest assured that you should face any problems with your interactive whiteboard, and we assure you this won’t be the case, you can just call us up and one of our team members will guide you towards dealing with it in no time.

An Introduction to Interactive Whiteboards

An Introduction to Interactive Whiteboards

Intro Interactive Whiteboard

Being a fairly new technology, many people know about the interactive whiteboard (IWB) but few are familiar with its ins and outs.

Interactive whiteboards are devices that display computer generated imagery on a board using a projector.

The imagery can be manipulated and interacted with using your hand or a special pen as an input medium directly on the screen. Interactive whiteboards, due to their versatility, have found use in numerous fields and profession, the most common of which are listed here:

In Higher Education

Interactive whiteboards can be really powerful tools in classrooms, adding the benefits of digital media content in lectures and in supporting collaborative learning. If used effectively, they can be of immense aid in education. However, at present, they are mostly not being used to their full potential. Moreover, few educational institutions outside of private schools have been keen on adopting this new technology.

As A Pedagogical Tool

Interactive whiteboards can help encourage teaching and taking in information. A person can use the flexibility it offers and adopt different and more effective learning styles. You can touch and move items on the board and even make notes. It is easier for a person to be attentive when someone uses this rather than a traditional whiteboard or a blackboard. It is easier on the eyes as well, being more visible as well as less bland.

For Businesses

Interactive whiteboards were originally made to be used in the education sector, but being highly versatile in function, the technology was soon adopted for other purposes. In business, interactive whiteboards can better help present information and show various charts and figures accurately. It can also be of significant aid in group meetings and discussions, serving as an effective tool for brainstorming and presenting information. It is not surprising that many large businesses as well as entrepreneurs in South Africa are using these.

How It Works

Your curiosity about how interactive whiteboards work might not have been quenched by the brief introduction, so let’s look at how it works in more detail. The board is first connected to a computer using either a USB connection or in cases of newer models, Bluetooth or even Wi-Fi. A driver is normally installed on the said computer to allow you to interact with the board. The projector connected to the computer displays the video output.

The user must then calibrate the image on the board into the right position using a pointer if required, and then he/she can start using the IWB, to activate e-programs. The basic features of a standard IWB include screen shade, i.e. the ability to cover one’s screen, spotlight which allows the user to focus the attention of the audience at a particular area of the board, magnifier which allows the enlargement of a specific part of the screen and screen capture which allows you to take a screenshot of what is being displayed on the board. Some of the more modern IWBs come equipped with special software that allow for even more functions and features.

So, hopefully now you will have some idea of how interactive whiteboards work and the purposes you can use them for. For more details and info on interactive whiteboards, feel free to contact us. We will love to answer all your queries. Contact us here.